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90 Encouraging Affirmations to Motivate Us

Affirmations are a wonderful tool to encourage and motivate ourselves, but have you considered using positive affirmations to inspire others? The power of positive thinking and encouraging affirmations may improve your life and have a strong impact on people around you.


1.  You’re doing fantastic!

2.  I have complete faith in you!

3.  You’re up for the task!

4.  You’ll be pleased with your success!

5.  You have all the assistance you require!

6.  You have more than enough ability!

7.  We’ll get through this together!

8.  I have faith in you!

9.  You’re a valuable asset!

10.  I believe in you!

11.  I can’t wait to toast your success!

12.  You understand that difficulties are opportunities!

13.  People admire you.

14.   You’re going somewhere!

15.  You motivate your team!

16.  We know you can do it!

17.  You should feel pleased with yourself!

18.  This is well within your capabilities!

19.  You’re about to show everyone what you’re made of!

20.  I’m very proud of you!

21.  You know you’re capable!

22.  This will be simple for you!

23. You’ve achieved so much!

24.  You are a role model!

25.  You’ve gone such a long way!

26.  Nothing is impossible for you!

27.  You have a lot to offer!

28.  It’s wonderful to see you succeed!

29.  People are aware that they can count on you!

30.  You are always reliable!

31.  You have the most brilliant ideas!

32.  I admire your fortitude!

33.  We are all grateful to you!

34. We are fortunate to have you on our team!

35.  This is your moment to shine!

36.  You have fantastic ideas!

37.  People are buzzing around you!

38.  You’ve got a lot of useful information!

39.  Your positive attitude contributes to our collective success!

40.  I know you’re capable of anything!

41.  We are successful because of you!

42.  You have the perfect skill set!

43. You teach me a lot!

44. People believe in you!

45. More people like you are needed!

46. I’m confident you’ll find a way to succeed!

47. You are always prepared!

48. You have a creative mind!

49. You’re a pleasure to deal with!

50. Everyone around you is inspired by your enthusiasm!

51. You are not deterred by anything!

52. Your self-assurance is contagious!

53. You are up for any task!

54. You have excellent communication skills!

55. You welcome suggestions from others!

56. People are aware that you value them!

57. You have an uncanny ability to clarify things up!

58. You’re a natural leader!

59. I admire your fortitude!

60. It’s wonderful to see you succeed!

61. You never give up, and that is why you are successful!

62. You are constantly eager to learn new things!

63. You are well aware that you have plenty to be proud of!

64. You bring the best out in people!

65. You’re a natural with people!

66. Your upbeat attitude is an inspiration to others!

67. It’s wonderful to witness your self-assurance!

68. You have the ability to motivate others!

69. You are full of energy!

70. People are inspired by your example!

71. Setbacks do not deter you!

72. You exude confidence!

73. I believe in your abilities!

74. You freely exchange thoughts!

75. Your self-assurance encourages me!

76. You’re dead set on completing the mission!

77. You never, ever give up!

78. You always come through for your teammates!

79. I like seeing you take on new tasks!

80. You improve us all!

81. People instinctively put their trust in you!

82. You have a natural talent for success!

83. Everyone can see your honesty!

84. People recognize your dependability!

85. It’s a test, but you’re up for it!

86. You’ll ace this!

87. Your success is guaranteed!

88. You already have everything you need to be successful!

89. You make the rest of us seem good!

90. Your team has faith in your talents!


There are two successful methods to utilize positive affirmations to encourage people, and you may use any or both at the same time.

Use positive affirmations in your encounters with the person. Giving positive affirmations, either vocally or in writing, may assist to keep others inspired and motivated.

It’s preferable not to repeat a single affirmation when utilizing this strategy. Instead, pick some positive affirmations that match the attitude, talents, and traits you wish to foster in that individual and utilize them as needed. Encouragement affirmations are most effective when spoken before or when the individual exhibits the quality you wish to promote.

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Affirm City
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