About Me

The power of affirmative words is second to none when it comes to our daily lives.

If you are looking for words of affirmation that will help you remain positive even when you are surrounded by so much negativity, then you are welcome to AffirmCity; A Safe Haven where Positivity lives.

Affirmations Changed me, and they can change you too.

I grew up in a very humble background with no luxury or rich network and relationships. This made life tough for me and it affected me psychologically.

I graduated from school and got so optimistic that things were going to get better for me. Going through school was another entire battle I would not want to share in detail at this time; however, I was able to scale through by doing all it took physically and mentally.

I faced a lot of challenges that made me less of a human when I was in school. Because of the harsh realities of life I faced during my early teenage years, I found it hard to relate well with people and this made me an object of ridicule all through school.

I was constantly bullied and abused because I could not speak up for myself because I always had (it is past now) this low self-esteem about myself because of my background.

However, I struggled through college and graduated. I got a job and in 4 months, I lost my job because of how bad I was at communicating with people.

I was not bold or courageous to face people or talk to clients and this made my organization lose a lot of potential and good clients to their competitors. They had to let me go and it was the right thing to do. I was of no use to them.

It was at this point I realized that something must be done to my psychological and mental state in order to be able to reach the peak I have always envied.

I decided to do extensive research about how I can get out of my mental wreck and all I found were paid consultations with psychiatrists and other mental coaches.

I obviously didn’t have the money to do this. If I had, I could have gone for those. However, I am glad I didn’t.

It was during this process I realized that my mental state can be changed by my words.

I realized that the power of positive affirmations and confessions can change my life. So, this is what I did:

  • I wrote down 12 confessions that addressed my mindset directly in a book
  • I committed myself to saying them 3 times a day (12 times per session).
  • I gave myself a target of 30 days to observe the changes.

These were the 12 affirmations I used for myself

  • I am bold
  • I am capable
  • I am not less than anyone else
  • I am intelligent
  • I am not a slave to my background
  • My past has no control over me
  • My mind sees greatness
  • I can talk to anyone without fear
  • I am not a coward
  • I can achieve anything I set my heart to do
  • I am limitless
  • The world is a better place with me in it.

I kept saying these words to myself for 30 days and I started noticing the changes that began to happen.

  • My fears started dissipating gradually and I started speaking out for myself.
  • Mentally, I started becoming sharp and stable.
  • I began to relate with people and within 60 days, I made 2 new friends who I work with on a daily basis today.
  • After 80 days, I was perfectly normal.

I applied for the job I lost again, and I was hired. I had to resign again after a few months in order to fully focus on my freelancing and writing job because it is what I’ve always wanted.

From this story of mine, I have seen what words of affirmation can do to the mind and this is why I want people to leverage it. The most important thing that needs to change for your life to change is your mind.

Your mind is the first place that gets affected by word of affirmation. This is the easiest therapy to help get through distress, depression, anxiety, fear, and other issues you might be facing in your life.