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30+ End Of The Day Affirmations

End-of-the-day affirmations are a good way to give yourself a break from all the feelings of the day. Most times, using end-of-the-day affirmations are one of the best ways to get yourself relaxed and refreshed.

I don’t want to go to bed heavy and sad. I am sure you don’t want to as well. This is why end-of-the-day affirmations are a good way to get yourself back together.

It does not have to matter how your day went, it does not matter if you met all your goals or not. Using end-of-the-day affirmation is a good method of positioning yourself positively for the next day for brighter opportunities.

Furthermore, end of the day affirmations is like taking yourself through personal therapy sessions where you do a lot of self-healing from all the hurts you experienced during the day. End-of-the-day affirmations are very good for you to speak to yourself over and over again.

End-of-the-day affirmations are also a good method of checking your boxes of the things you have accomplished and the other things you need to accomplish during the next day.

End-of-the-day affirmations are very good and it is possible to get inspiration for the next day from these affirmations. This is why I have a long list of end-of-the-day affirmations you can use.

These affirmations address different issues. Simply pick the one that works for you and tweak it to whatever you want. All that matters is that you use end-of-the-day affirmations that work well with what you want to address.

The best affirmations to end your day with

  1. I am full of energy and positivity. Today was a good day for me and I see good things only. This is the beginning of the journey to greatness as always. So, I have nothing to fear. All that I need has been supplied and I am grateful for how everything turned out for me today. It was full of greatness and I am happy.


  1. Today was amazing. This is the first day and I am grateful for all the progress I made today. I didn’t expect to make such progress, but I am glad I could come up with great giant strides today. This is proof to me that I am smart and intelligent. So, I would brace up for tomorrow and even surpass today’s accomplishments.


  1. So, today was hectic. However, it was full of adventures. I had a good day and it is all that matters. Today was full of new challenges which I never thought I could overcome. However, in some way or another, I was able to overcome them. Now, I feel fulfilled and full of happiness.


  1. I am grateful for life. Today has ended again and it is the 2nd day of taking up  (input the name of any challenge, duty, or responsibility you are undertaking). I am grateful for the progress I have made within these few days. Although the results are not tangible yet, I am glad for the little progress I have made so far. This is proof of my value and worth and I am happy to see this happen to me.


  1. I am happy to be healthy. Today is the end of another day of hectic work and I am glad to still be found in good health. I stay in perfect health every day irrespective of how hard my function and responsibility might get. This is what I am sure of and there is nothing that can change this reality.


  1. I am strong and persistent. I don’t need to define my success by the results I get or not. I choose to see myself as successful because I am making good efforts that would culminate to my success and evident progress. This is why I would continue to be persistent. Tomorrow is another day. I would keep at it.


  1. I am happy with everything that happened to me today. Both the good, bad and ugly. I am happy with everything that happened to me today. I have the exclusive right to my happiness and I choose to stay happy irrespective of it all. There is no need to feel down. I choose to be happy.


  1. Today has been a great day. I am glad to accomplish such a great feat today. I am so sure of my abilities after the things I achieved today. It was beyond the ordinary and I am at peace with myself. There is nothing to fear. The challenges of tomorrow do not scare me anymore.


  1. Everything around me is working perfectly fine and I am grateful for it. I am grateful for everything around me that is working well and perfectly. I am grateful and happy for this. I see tremendous progress and this has kept my heart at rest. There is nothing to worry about anymore.


  1. I am a victor. I am not a loser. Today has taught me this valuable lesson. I am a champion and I choose to see myself this way. So, as I go to bed tonight, I am sleeping with so much peace and joy knowing fully well that I have triumphed today more than ever before.


  1. My business continues to prosper and I am happy about this. Once again today, I affirm this as I go to bed. Tomorrow brings in great things for me and I receive the big break I have been waiting for. There is nothing to fear. There is no uncertainty for me in my business. All I see is prosperity and increase and this is my reality always and every day.


  1. I am not without help. I am always receiving help whenever I call out for help. The universe sends help to me always. I am sure of this and that is why I rightly position myself for this help. I would always receive help whenever I call for help. I attract favor always and every day.


  1. I am not a loser. I refuse to admit this. I am not a loser at all. Never ever would this be my reality. It might seem as if things are not working as I expect, but I am sure that I am not a loser. Things might not be working as I expect them to be, but I am damn sure that I am not a loser. Because at the end of it all, it is going to be a win-win situation for me. I am going to get that contract and all the good that I deserve. So, tomorrow, I am going to try again as usual and I expect a positive result.


  1. It is going to be okay. There is no need to feel down or feel defeated. I would win. There is nothing to feel bad about. This is what I am damn sure about. Today was not one of those good days where I am always smiling, but I am comforted in the fact that everything would eventually be alright and I would have a cause to smile again. This remains my solace, so I am moving on.


  1. I am sure that the universe is on my side. This is why I face my fears and don’t need to worry about anything. Today ended on a good note. However, I would still press for more wins tomorrow. The setting of the sun has given me another opportunity to reflect and gather enough energy for the next day. So, I have an advantage already and I am going to take advantage of this.


  1. There is nothing I cannot pass through. Even though my boss has given me a negative compliment about my job, I would not take it personally. This does not mean there is something wrong with me. No! Never! I would not take this to heart. I am the best at my craft and that is why I am going to put in my best tomorrow again. I am going to prove him wrong that I am the best at my job.


  1. I am a strong believer in myself and my abilities. This is because I have seen myself go through the worst of times and come out fine and strong. I have gone through fire and I still came out fine as if nothing has happened. This has filled me with so much confidence that I can go through anything and still come out fine. I am confident in my skill and I am sure that there is nothing I cannot endure and come out of.


  1. Today came to an end on a note I don’t like. I didn’t meet all my targets. I am not happy about it. But guess what  (input your name)? You still did well. You accomplished                (input the figure) % of your goals for the day and it is not what a lot of people could have accomplished. This simply means that you are hardworking and competent enough. So, there is no need for me to beat myself down. I did well and that’s it.


  1. I am a money magnet. I attract money to myself always. As the day end, this is what I affirm to myself again. When it comes to finances, I won’t be at a disadvantage ever. There is nothing bad in me making millions of dollars. I deserve it and this what I attract every day of my life. I am a money magnet and I attract money in my business and in my career.


  1. The universe favored me today and I am grateful for the day. Everything I planned for came to pass and I am grateful for it all. I am thankful for the success I recorded today. I am grateful for all my accomplishments today and I feel so fulfilled. There was nothing I planned for during the day that I did not accomplish. Everything went according to plan and I am happy for it all.


  1. I choose to have faith. I choose not to give up. I choose to trust and rely on God. Things don’t make sense anymore. This is getting overwhelming, but I refuse to quake. Despite this, my faith chooses to be strong. I choose to stay in faith. I believe that everything would be alright eventually. Today is not good, but I am optimistic that tomorrow would be good and glorious for me.


  1. I am happy with my life. Sure I am. Today was spent with my friends and I felt so much love. Much more than ever before, this has reminded me that I am important and valued by those I love. I feel so loved and I am going to sleep tonight with all the memories in my mind. I am happy to have people around me who love me just the way I am. I feel so lucky to have good friends around me and this is why I am confident that everything would be alright.


  1. It is taking longer than expected, but I am definitely going to see the result I have been expecting. Today looks like the last day I could take on earth, but I am stronger than every negative thought. I am resilient than any hard situation or circumstances. There is nothing I cannot withstand. So, come what may, I am still going to be here through it all. Tonight, I choose to be positive. I choose to maintain a firm resolve to stand strong and firm. I would never give up. I would remain patient while I keep trying what I can.


  1. What a blessed  (input man or woman whatever your gender is) you are. I am blessed. I am so blessed. I am blessed. I am blessed. Today has been a blessed day for me and much more than ever before, I admit that I am blessed. I am blessed by God to have good people around me. I am blessed by God to have a good boss. For all the help I received today, I am grateful. I am a blessed individual and this enough gives me joy every time.


  1. This was a good day for me. I visited the hospital and did all my check-ups. I came out fit. This is enough for me to rejoice about. This is another testimony just as always. I am fit, perfect, and healthy to face the coming days. There is nothing to fear about my health anymore. There is absolutely nothing to fear about the coming days anymore. My health is in perfect condition. So, I can begin to resume my normal duties.


  1. My day ended well and it is all that matters. Whatever happened during the day does not matter to me. I don’t need to bother my head about it. All that matters is the fact that I ended the day well and this is a gift not everyone has. I am grateful for how my day ended. I am full of energy and enthusiasm for the day and I am happy this worked out fine for me.


  1. To be happy, I have everything I need. This is enough fulfillment and joy for me. Now, I know that I can be happy without anybody making me feel happy. I spent time alone today and I realized how much I felt at peace with myself. I feel so much happy to realize this amazing fact. I don’t need anybody to make me happy. All that matters is that I am happy and I deserve to be happy irrespective of the opinion of anybody. I am grateful for this amazing gift I got today. I am happy because I know that I have the right to be.


  1. I am on a different path. This is what gives me contentment. I don’t need to begin to compete with people in order to feel like a complete human. I choose to run at my own pace without pressure from other people’s success. I choose to celebrate my success every day. As long as it is Mine, I am contented with it. I refuse to give in to the unhealthy competition. So, as the day ends, I am grateful for the success I made in my own path and I refuse to put myself under undue pressure because of unhealthy competition.


  1. The universe has given me a purpose and I am happy to have discovered it. This has given everyday meaning and this is why I feel at peace with myself. I was born for this purpose and the discovery of this fact makes me happy. I am here for a reason and I refuse to abandon this for a cheaper cause of unhealthy competition with people who are busy fulfilling their own purpose. I choose to stay on my oath and fulfill my purpose.


  1. As I sleep tonight, I refuse to keep in my heart negative thoughts. No matter how tempting it is to keep these words to heart, I refuse to keep them. I would not allow negative energy around me as I sleep tonight. So, I choose to release every negative thought in my mind at this time. Rather I choose to dwell on positive thoughts. (Instantly begin to dwell on the good things about your life and about yourself).


  1. I believe in ME. As I sleep today, I choose to reaffirm this to myself again. I am my fan and I believe in what I would accomplish in life. This is because I have chosen to be my strength. I would not give anybody power over my happiness or self-esteem anymore. I also refuse to give into self-defeating thoughts that would cripple my mind and shatter how I see myself. I believe in my talents. I believe in my skills. I believe in my beauty. I believe in everything about me. I am perfect and I choose to see myself that way every day.


  1. My life is full of wonderful adventures. I don’t know what others think about me and I really don’t care. But I believe that my life is full of wonderful and interesting adventures. I know that so much good lies in me and I am going to do great in life.


  1. I am safe. I am grateful for safety. Today was tumultuous, but I am still here. I am still safe and sound and this is something I very grateful for. I didn’t fall victim to any mishap or accident at work and this is something I am grateful for. So, once more I am at peace knowing that I am safe and no danger is coming my way today. This is an energy booster to face tomorrow.


  1. I can trust myself much more because I am wise. As I go to sleep today, this is to remind myself that I can trust myself more. I am wise and I make wise decisions every time. I make wise decisions every time and I see positive results in my decisions. Today has once more proven this fact to me again and I am very happy with myself for this.


  1. I am not in a hurry. I am not in a hurry. I would take things step by step. I choose to remain calm in this situation. I would not be in a haste. So, I didn’t achieve it today, I would try tomorrow. I am at peace because I know that everything is going to be alright.


End-of-the-day affirmations are a great way to relieve yourself of every pain and anxiety you might have felt during the day. Using end-of-the-day affirmations guarantees you a good and sound sleep.

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