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60 Positive Affirmations During Lockdown

Looking for the best positive affirmations to use for yourself during the COVID lockdown? Here is something to help you.

Affirmations for positivity during lockdown

Positive Affirmations During Lockdown

  1. I am not lonely. Yes, I am at home and it is very boring. I might be tempted to begin to feel lonely, but I am not lonely. There is nothing wrong with living alone at home. This is my reality. I am not lonely. I am ME and that is enough for me during this lockdown.


  1. I am healthy. I don’t fall sick. It is generally known that staying at home for long can cause a lot of sickness because of lack of walking exercises and other stuff. So, it is okay to be tempted to say that I might fall sick. But I choose to say that I am healthy. I would not fall sick during this lockdown. I stay healthy.


  1. I am in the right body shape at all times. I don’t get fat. I would remain in the right shape for a long time and even after the lockdown, my friends would be amazed at how I remained in shape all through the lockdown.


  1. I would make more money during this lockdown than I ever did before. I am not going to work and it is possible that my salary might not come in as expected. But I would make more money. My mind is open to opportunities and I see opportunities to make more money during this lockdown.


  1. For as long as I have ME, I am satisfied. I am the best companion ever. I am my best companion and there is nothing wrong with spending time with ME during this lockdown. I won’t get bored of spending time with myself. I won’t get tired of


  1. I remain attractive all through this lockdown and even after the lockdown. This is my reality. I won’t get too fat or too slim. My belly won’t get too fat or too slim. My body shape and facial beauty remain intact and glow every time during and after the lockdown.


  1. The lockdown is for my advantage. This is the best time to rest. This is the best time to develop my skills. This is the best time to take a retreat and assess my progress. This is not a bad time for me as the news portrays. The lockdown is for my advantage.


  1. My family is kept safe during this lockdown. No member of my family becomes a victim of the                                      (whatever the cause of the lockdown is). Every member of my family is kept safe during this lockdown. I lose none to home accidents or sickness. They are healthy, safe, and sound during this lockdown and beyond.


  1. I am not scared of anything. I am not scared to stay indoors during the lockdown. I am not scared to keep myself company. Yes, I am not scared at all. This is because there is nothing to fear and I am the bold one I have always envied. During this lockdown, there is nothing to fear.


  1. I would invest more in my mind during this lockdown. I am intelligent and I can read as many books as I want to read. I am intelligent and I can learn any skill I want to learn. During this lockdown, my mental faculties are going to function normally and I would put them to good use.


  1. The lockdown started yesterday and I am scared about how long this is going to last. But  (input your name), there is nothing to fear. You are a bold                (man/woman) and this is nothing to worry about. Just like everyone, you are going to go through this and all the uncertainties would fade away with time.


  1. I know that my job is on the line because of this lockdown, but I have no reason to fear. I would not lose my job. Rather, my boss would see more reasons to keep me on the job. Rather, my boss would see reasons to let me work from home and get paid every month. My job is secured.


  1. I know that the lockdown means a lot of things. The economy would be greatly affected. A lot of things would be adversely impacted, but I remain optimistic that things would work out fine for me. Even if everything turns out bad, I am still going to be at an advantage. The lockdown is for my advantage.


  1. There is nothing bad in staying at home during the lockdown. Staying at home does not mean I am of no use. Staying at home does not mean I am useless. I am useful, resourceful and skillful. There is so much good out there for me to achieve. I don’t have to be outside to impact the world. I would do so much good from my closet.


  1. I am a highflyer. I am brilliant. I have the brain to assimilate everything I am going to read. This is why I would come out brilliant in my college online class. The lockdown might have caused this, but I am not affected by it. My radiance still shows forth no matter what. Either it is behind a laptop or in class.


  1. I might not like it, but the lockdown has made online studies compulsory. But, there is nothing to worry about. I can adapt to every situation. I can blend into any status quo. There is no storm ahead I would not weather. I would eventually come out fine, successful and brilliant in my exams.


  1. My eyes are strong enough to daily look at the screen of my laptop. The lockdown has made online business the real deal, but my health stays intact after all. My eyes are strong. My eyes are good. My eyes don’t get affected by the light of my laptop. I won’t need to use a recommended eyeglass after the lockdown. My eyes remain healthy.


  1. This is not the end of my life. Because of the lockdown, I got fired from my job. But this is not the end. There is so much good ahead for me and I am going to accomplish them all. I might have lost my job, but I have not lost my faith. The lockdown would be to my advantage.


  1. I won’t be handicapped financially during this lockdown. As it seems, there might be no hope concerning where to get money from because my company has stopped operation which incidentally affects my salary. But I attract favor from men. I know who to call and I know what to say to get money rolling in constantly. I am a money magnet and this lockdown is going to bring in more money for me.


  1. I am mindful of what I do during this lockdown. I do not take irrational steps that would negatively affect my future. During this lockdown, I only make rational decisions that have positive consequences. I am wise and I have a good sense of judgment. There is nothing bad about my ability to make good decisions.


  1. During this lockdown, I affirm that I don’t get lazy. I won’t become lazy because I don’t have to work hard for a long time due to the lockdown. Rather, I would consistently develop a good working attitude that would give me a hedge over other employees in my workplace after the lockdown. I am not lazy. I am hardworking.


  1. I am socially acceptable. So, I would spend more time with family and friends during this lockdown. I am loved by all and everyone wants to spend time with me. There is nothing wrong in spending time with my loved ones during this lockdown. The lockdown is a good time for me to hang out with my loved ones.


  1. I am a  (man/woman) of good character and values. This is who I choose to remain as. The lockdown would not make me develop bad habits and attitudes. I am known for consistency and resilience. This is who I would remain as. Irrespective of this lockdown or not. I choose to keep my good values.


  1. I am open to opportunities during this lockdown. While others are seeing a bad time, I choose to see a good time of opportunities. My mind is full of positivity and opportunities come to me in bulk. I would record good success during this lockdown than I have ever recorded prior.


  1. I am wise. I am intelligent. I am capable of adapting to any situation and circumstance. There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect just the way I am. This is who I have chosen to be. The lockdown does not change who I am. I am consistent in my values and attitude all through the lockdown.


  1. Everything is going on fine for me during this lockdown. I admit that it can be annoying at times to just sit at home and do nothing. But everything is working out fine for me. I have never been at a disadvantage before. The lockdown would not put me in this situation.


  1. I am smart and I see my genius in everything I do. There is no stupidity to my intellect. Irrespective of whatever anyone thinks or not, I am smart and intelligent enough to tackle hard times. The lockdown is hard and I am winning this battle no matter what. I am smart.


  1. I am in the right frame of mind. I am not a sociopath or psychopath. There is nothing abnormal going on with me. I am sane and sound in my mind. My psych is in the right frame and everything I do is rational. During the lockdown, I remain sane in my mind no matter what.


  1. There are lots of amazing things about me and this is why I am happy with myself. I choose to remain happy during this lockdown and nothing can change that for me. I might be bored after a while, but I still choose to remain happy. I am amazing and this discovery has led me into a lifetime of joy.


  1. I know that I am strong. After spending 3 weeks in this lockdown, the fact that I wake up every morning with positivity means I am in the right frame of mind. This simply means I am strong and resilient. Nothing can break me down because my mind has been made up never to give in to tough times. So, the lockdown is nothing to worry about.


  1. I am grateful for my life. This is not because I see anything tangible happening at the moment. It is my choice. I would always remain grateful no matter what. The lockdown might have disrupted a lot of my plans, but I am still grateful for what I have at the moment. My life is the best gift I have.


  1. What happens to me during this lockdown is entirely up to me. I refuse to hand over this power to anyone or any circumstance. I am in charge of my mind and this is why I choose to stay calm in the midst of turbulent times. I am in charge of how I feel and this is why I choose to feel good during the lockdown.


  1. Irrespective of the many evils happening in the world which led to the lockdown, I choose to stay positive. Positivity is my reality because I believe that only good things happen to me and for me. There is nothing negative that is going to happen to me during this lockdown. I choose to remain positive.


  1. I am happy with myself. I am joyful that I am who I am and choose to be. This is why I am unique. This is why I am special. My joy does not come from what others say about me. Yes, I would feel good if they compliment me, but I am happy with myself and that is all that matters.


  1. I am persistent and resilient. There is nothing life has to offer that I can’t take. There is nothing I cannot handle. The lockdown might be tough, but I am definitely going to pull through. I have all the resources I need. I have all the values I need. There is nothing life throws at me I can’t handle. This is who I am.


  1. I am divinely protected by God. During this lockdown, no evil happens to me. I am at the right place at the right time and God protects me every time. No evil happens to me during the lockdown. I am protected by God.


  1. During this lockdown, I am going to make a positive impact in my nearest community. I am going to share love, peace, joy, and happiness with everyone around me. I am a sharer of joy and positivity everywhere and that is why people love me and always want to be around me. I am going to impact the lives of people positively during this lockdown and beyond.


  1. I am confident in myself. I am not doubtful of my abilities. During this lockdown, I would become more aware of how valuable I am. During this lockdown, I would venture into a world of self-discovery which would further boost my ego and confidence. I don’t doubt how good I am.


  1. The lockdown has come and it feels like this is worse than can happen. But I choose not to give in to fear. I refuse to dwell in an ugly mood or a disposition of poor quality. During this lockdown, I would not entertain any fear or uncertainty. I would remain confident.


  1. During this lockdown, I would give time to invest in my personal growth and self-development. I would dedicate more time to grow intellectually and emotionally. During this lockdown, I would not deteriorate in knowledge, rather, I would grow more and become better than I used to be.


  1. I cannot change the current situation, but I can change my approach to it. The lockdown has happened and as much as it sucks, I have decided to not allow this to determine who I am. I have no control of the present, but I can determine who I AM IN THE PRESENT. I am strong, bold, courageous, and happy.


  1. The lockdown is an opportunity for me to rest well. So, I choose to sleep well, eat well, pay more attention to recreation and fun, laugh well and see a lot of nice places. During this lockdown, I am going to give my mind a lot of reasons to be full of life and vibrancy.


  1. I am like an Ox. I have been crushed severally, but I didn’t give in. This has given me so much assurance that the lockdown is one of those things I am going to go through. I don’t like staying alone indoors and this might be the most difficult time of my life at this moment, but I am damn strong and I would pull through this.


  1. The lockdown is a good time for me. This is the time where I have the absolute right to do whatever I feel is good for me. There is no one to tell me what to do or not. There is nothing I am obligated to do. Now, I have my freedom and I can put my genius to good use. This is a good time for me.


  1. During this lockdown, I choose to put priority on my personal needs above all else. I am good, I am generous, and I am kind and selfless. But, during this lockdown, I would put priority on my personal needs above others. I would tend to how I feel. I would give myself what I want, I would take care of myself.


  1. My emotions won’t get the best of me during this lockdown. I feel anxious whenever I stay indoors for a long time. But I am changing that narrative this time around. Rather than feel anxious, I would be full of energy and enthusiasm. I would look for what makes me happy and get involved with it. I would channel my emotions the right way during this lockdown.


  1. The lockdown has a lot of negative consequences. However, I refuse to dwell on negative circumstances. I choose to stay grateful for the good things I have and the good things that would come my way during this lockdown. I would never fall victim to the negative effects of the lockdown.


  1. I am loved. I am full of love. My life is full of love. I am loved by my family, I am loved by my friends, and I am loved by the universe. There is so much good that is waiting for me in the future. This lockdown would help me receive more love from my friends and family and I am so optimistic about it.


  1. The media might be spreading a lot of darkness, but my life is full of light. I refuse to give in to whatever the media has to say during the lockdown. I chose to write my own narrative and the only thing I see is joy, bliss, peace, and fulfillment like never before. This is my story.


  1. During this lockdown, my body is full of health. I am open and receptive to all the energies in the universe that would make my body healthy. I know what to do to maintain my body in good shape and healthy during this lockdown. I do not fall sick.

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Positive affirmations during lockdown at a specific time of the day

Positive Affirmations During Lockdown

When you wake up in the morning

  1. Today is a great day to begin a new life. This is the  (input the day. Either 3rd, 4th 11th, or whatever) of the lockdown and I am grateful for a new beginning. This is another day for me to prove my strength. This is another day for me to prove my worth. This is another day for me to fight through all the negative energies of the lockdown. I am grateful for a new day.


  1. The day has begun. I have all it takes to face everything that comes my way. I would not end the day as a victim. Rather, I would crush every adversity in this day and come out a victor. I am approaching this day with a NO-GIVING-UP ATTITUDE. I am facing today with resilience. I am stronger and tougher than the lockdown.


  1. Every day, what I feel is strength, confidence, and assurance. During this lockdown, what I feel every day is strength, confidence, and assurance. These are the things I approach my day with. So, today, once again, I am strong, confident, and assured of a productive and fun-filled day.

During the day

  1. The day has been filled with fun. There is still much time left. I am going to have the best of fun during the little time left today. I am strong, refreshed, and full of life all through the day. So, I am still going to enjoy the day till the very end.


  1. I am grateful for all the good decisions I have made so far. This is enough proof to me that I am wise and intuitive. I still have a lot to do before the end of the day. So,  (include your name), this is not time to rest yet. The lockdown makes no difference. I am crushing all my goals for today.


  1. I don’t seem to have made significant progress today, but I am happy with all the steps I have taken. Even though the lockdown has starved me of some amenities and opportunities, I am still glad for all the things I have done so far. I am glad for the progress I have made today. And yes! I am going to achieve all that I have planned to achieve today.

At the end of the day

  1. I am grateful for today. You are indeed a victor  (input your name). I am grateful for all of my achievements today. Despite the lockdown, I was still able to achieve                             (input all that you accomplished today). This is enough proof that I am good and I am the best there is and will ever be.


  1. Today has been challenging. I feel stressed out, but I would not beat myself up unnecessarily. I tried my best and that is all that matters. The lockdown has restricted me in one or two ways, but I choose not to feel like a victim. I would eventually meet my demands someday.


  1. I would go to sleep in peace tonight knowing fully well that I made someone smile today. Even during the lockdown, I am glad that I became a beam of hope and courage to someone. This is a life worth living and I can’t be more proud.

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General positive affirmations during the lockdown

  1. I am strong. I am courageous. I am resilient. I am beautiful. I am in the right state of mind and consciousness. The universe is on my side always and I am never at a disadvantage. I stay constantly in health and sanity. The lockdown is for my good. I am a survivor.
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