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Can You Write Affirmations Instead Of Saying Them?

The answer is YES. There is nothing bad in speaking out affirming words instead of writing them. What matters is the fact that you are using words of affirmation the right way.

Furthermore, if you believe in the words of affirmation you speak or write, you would get the same result irrespective of the medium you choose to use affirmations.

Writing affirmations instead of saying them generates the same result as speaking them. Likewise, saying out affirmations instead of writing them generates the same result.

There is nothing bad in speaking out affirmations.

Situations where the writing of Affirmations is better

There are certain situations where writing affirmations is better. This does not mean you cannot write down affirmations outside these situations.

However, writing affirmations work well for the following situations:

In a situation where you need to achieve a certain goal or objective

Writing down affirmations is a good way to get things done.

This is very important. When it comes to achieving a goal, objective, or feat, writing them down is the best way to keep your mind on it. If you say it out, it would make you feel good at the moment, but the impact would not be lasting.

We tend to always forget whatever we say after a while. The emotions might be high at the moment when you are speaking out these affirmations, but after the emotions are down, you might forget the words you said and have nothing to fall back to for accountability and proper record.

This is why it is important to always write down affirmations that have to do with achieving a goal or intended objective. Speaking out affirmations under this category is good.

As a matter of fact, you would get the desired result and effect if you can stay consistent and keep your mind on the words you have spoken. But this has been proven to fail.

Out of 5,000 people, only about 75 can stay with spoken affirmations when it comes to achieving a goal or objective. This is why writing down affirmations for this particular purpose is better.

When you write them down, you can speak it out if you want or just read them. Writing down affirmations about what you want to achieve within a time frame is the best way to make good use of those affirmations.

When it comes to overcoming a bad habit

Writing down affirmations is a good way to help.

Habits are not formed magically as you think. The habits you have developed so far came as a result of time and consistency.

If you are going to change your habits, then you must realize that it is going to take time. So, just speaking random words of affirmation concerning your bad habits is not going to do the job.

You need to be deliberate and one of the ways to do this is to write down powerful words of affirmation that specifically address those bad habits (if they are more than one).

After writing them down, you can place them in your book, by the side of your bed, or on your wall. Whenever you see these written words of affirmation, your mind is reminded of what you need to improve on, and suddenly, you would start taking active steps.

Writing affirmation is good most especially when you want to change a bad habit. Those written words would hold you accountable and also remind you that you have the ability to change your behaviors and if you stick with it for long, you would begin to see the results you desire.

When it comes to changing your behavior/habit, writing down positive affirmations is better instead of just speaking them out.

What if you are dumb and can’t speak?

Affirmations are not only meant for those who are complete. Even handicapped people need more affirmation than those who are not handicapped.

So, for a dumb person who can’t speak, writing down affirmations is the best for this person. A dumb person cannot speak.

So, writing down affirmations would help such an individual since that is one of the most effective ways of communicating with them clearly.

When you need to encourage a friend who is far away

It is okay to put a call through and use spoken words of affirmation. However, affirmations in letters have a lasting impact than spoken ones when distance is involved. This is why writing down affirmations is the best approach in this situation.

For example, you can simply write a letter of affirmation and send it via email to your friend who is in a very difficult situation. I have letters of 5 years which I read till today and it makes so much sense to me as it did 5 years ago.

This is how powerful writing down affirmations is. In this situation when you need to encourage a friend or loved one, writing down affirmations is better than speaking them out.

Your location does not allow you to speak the words

If it is hard to speak out words of affirmation because of where you are and the nature of words you want to speak out, then writing of affirmation is a better remedy in this situation.

You can write down beautiful words of affirmation for your little kid (4-18)

For children and teenagers, you can write the words in beautiful colors. They would cherish it for life.

For your kid going through the difficult stage of teenage years, a simple note would do a good job of making him/her feel loved enough. So, a letter goes a long way than simply speaking out affirmation in this situation.

Situations where the saying of affirmations is better

Can You Write Affirmations Instead Of Saying Them

Whenever you need to deal with your mind and beliefs, it is better to speak out than write them down

It has been proven that what we say has a way of settling in our subconscious faster than what we write. My dad does not need to tell me how smart I am anymore.

The single word he spoke to me that day has stuck with me and helped my beliefs till today.

If you are dealing with self-doubt or if you have low self-esteem due to whatever reasons, then speaking out words of affirmation is the best remedy.

I remember an incident that happened to my client during the lockdown. This particular client of mine became so scared of contracting the virus and eventually started getting paranoid about a lot of things.

She would literally scream if she hears any sound in her house. This got so much that she started having weird visions of images that were scary to her.

It didn’t take long before she started getting psychotic. Her husband got in touch with me and then I booked a session with her.

After three-four consultation sessions, I decided to give her some set of affirmations to say out loud every day. These were the words:

I am bold.

I am not given to fear.

The pandemic cannot have an effect on me.

I would never catch the virus

I am stronger than anything negative

This is my reality.

Every 6 am, she would get and scream these words out loud. And after 3 months, she was totally fine and she lives her normal life today without any fear whatsoever.

This is just one of the several examples I can give you. If you are having inner wars and wrong perceptions about yourself and who you are evolving into, then you need to speak out.


The universe has been wired in such a way that nothing would happen if you don’t believe it. So, in order to overcome every inner battle you are fighting, you must learn to say affirmations.

This is one of the most important situations where saying out affirmations is better. Whenever you are dealing with doubts, this is the best time to speak out positive words of affirmation. Writing them down might not be effective because simply reading out affirmations might not work well in this situation.

As much as writing affirmations is good, speaking them out must go in line. The following inner battles need you to speak out positive words of affirmation:

  • Doubt about yourself.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Being paranoid.
  • Fear and uncertainty about the future.
  • Depression and anxiety.

These are 5 major situations you need to speak out words of affirmations against if you want to get results. In these situations, writing down affirmations might not be as effective as speaking out words of affirmation.

When you speak out, you silence every voice of doubt. You silence every voice that emits negative energy which affects your perception concerning who you are and who you are meant to be. This is why speaking out words of affirmation is the best way to win every inner battle you might be fighting.

You can speak out words of affirmation to a handicapped individual

For example, a blind man who cannot see would basically be spoken to by words alone. In a situation where this kind of man or woman needs affirmation, the best way to address the issue is to use verbal words and not written words. He can’t see anyway, so it would be a waste of time to write down words of affirmation. Saying out affirmations in this situation is better.

If you need to communicate with an illiterate who cannot read and write

It is obvious that the only medium is spoken words. Illiterates also go through downtimes and would need encouragement.

What if this person is your mother, father, or loved one?

Would you abandon him or her? I know that you have a good heart and you would stand by them.

So, how do use words of affirmation in this situation?

It is simple. You simply speak out positive affirmations to their hearing. It would go a long way and help them with whatever difficult situation they are going through.

If you need to encourage your child who is of age (20+)

It is better to say words of affirmation than to write them. A lot of people who have come of age don’t really find fun in reading letters.

So, putting a call across to your son or daughter who is going through a tough time and simply saying affirmations to his/her hearing would go a long way and is a better remedy than sending out letters.

Generally, if you are going through hard times and you need encouragement, sympathy, and moral support, using spoken words of affirmation goes a long way.

Most times, as much as what we say is important to people, the tone heals much more. So, as much as I want to hear affirming words from you whenever I am down, I want to know that you mean it and this can be easily deciphered in your tone.

This is why saying out words of affirmation is good for this type of situation.

If you are battling with self-doubt, practice speaking out words of affirmation every day and observe the changes that would begin to occur gradually.

Do affirmations work if I say them in my head?

Can You Write Affirmations Instead Of Saying Them

Affirmations work if you say them in your mind. It might take a while for the effect to be evident, but it works. Don’t forget that the major place where affirmations work is your mind.

Furthermore, your mind is influenced by what you see and hear. So, visualization also influences the mind.

Reading affirmations and saying them in your head would work because it would affect the state of your mind which would, in turn, affect the state of your life or wherever the affirmative words are targeted at.

However, saying affirmations is one of the effective ways of generating results effectively. This is because it is easy to believe whatever we speak out loud quickly than what we read and say in our minds.


Either you write or say out affirmations, the most important factor is to learn to practice that habit of using positive words on yourself and others. The world would be a better place this way and everyone would be happy.

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