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10 Things That Women Want in Bed

Female sexual satisfaction is very different. However, some factors make all women love the encounter. That’s what makes everyone happy.

What women desire in bed is a secret everyone wants. No recipe; it’s easy. Genuine closeness is different from desire for women.

Women seldom like a mate who just wants to have fun. Most want a partner who is emotionally interested because it makes the difference between purposeful foreplay, exploring every inch of a woman’s body, and “a two-minute interlude” that leaves her feeling empty.

How can a partner ameliorate this situation? See what ladies desire in bed.

1. Optimal Timing

The fact is that, although men may not pay attention to the time of their intercourse, women do. When the sex is occurring is important to your wife.
She wants it to happen when you’re both at ease since she considers sex to be an intimate affair that should not be hurried.
Take note of the conditions the next time you attempt to initiate sex. Initiate just when she seems to be most at ease and eager to go down.

2. Women Want Bedtime Foreplay

This is also where males often fail. Men, for the most part, like to get straight into the sex. In bed, a woman nearly never wants to do that. Yes, she likes penetrating sex. But foreplay is important to her as well.
Foreplay allows her to feel more calm and at ease. It also provides her exterior organs with extra time to lubricate. Believe me when I say that you only want to enter your wife when she is completely wet.
Kiss her on the lips. Maintain her body. Find a way around giving her oral sex if you can explore.

3. She Wants You to Have Fun in Bed

This is a more formal way of stating, “Your woman doesn’t want to tell you what to do.” That is precisely the case. Women seldom want to instruct guys what to do—in or out of bed.
She wants you to sort things out on your own in bed. Next, I’ll explain how you can pull this off. But, well, go ahead and explore. Investigate her body in bed.

4. She expects you to be attentive in bed

The only way to really examine her body is to observe it. Nothing is more intriguing to a woman than a guy who pays attention and watches her every motion in bed.
You will be able to make her feel anything you want her to feel if you do this.
Examine her voice, noting how it rises and falls and when it rises and falls. Distinguish between murmurs of pleasure and those of slight agony. I’ve slept with a lot of ladies, and I know that not all groans in bed are pleasurable. Some, and a lot, are motivated by suffering.
Take note of when she is closest to you. At that point, she might just be stating that she wants you to go slower and more intimately. She wants to embrace you and kiss you as you softly rub her.

5. She does not expect you to be a bedtime expert

The fact is that, although what occurs in porn may appeal to a wide range of men and women, it is not typical of what happens in real life, with genuine couples who love themselves.
These sexual films are staged; more often than not, the actors and actresses have no sentiments or emotional relationship with one another.
You don’t want to become an expert in lovemaking with your lady. No. You get intimate with her in the manner that works best for you both, not in the way that you see on TV.

6. She wants you to concentrate on her pressure points

There are some areas of a woman’s body that provide the most delightful feelings.
Such are the breasts, sides of the neck, inner thighs, and clitoris. According to one research, the clitoris possesses a dense network of nerve endings (an estimated 8,000 nerve endings). Stroking these regions may cause her to experience sensations she does not want to feel.
If you listen carefully, you will hear her gentle murmurs as you rub these places. You’ll feel her grip tighten on you. As I have said, observe and investigate. Explore as much as you want—sex is where many couples discover themselves.

7. Keep an Eye on Your Stokes

A lady in bed wants you to pay attention to your strokes. She doesn’t want you to merely stroke her. She wants you to stroke her in such a manner that the intensity of the sex is guided. And, sure, she expects you to keep time.
I asked Katja, a sex therapist in Hamburg, whether strokes were truly important. Her response was affirmative. She said that the rhythm of the strokes directed the intercourse; if they were consistent, the sex felt consistent. If they weren’t, the sex would have seemed a little random.

8. She wants to please you as well

When you have sex with a woman, you must remember that just as you want to satisfy her, she wants to please you as well.
If you strive so hard to satisfy her that you don’t even enjoy the sex or enjoy yourself, she will be turned off. It will make her feel like a selfish person attempting to take advantage of you.
Show signals of closeness as well. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of the movement between you two. Don’t hold yourself back if you’re having fun. She wouldn’t know whether you were having fun.

9. Be Expressive, Moan

Yes, the only way a lady knows you’re having fun with her is if you groan and make suggestive facial gestures.
When having sex with a lady, make certain that she is paying attention to you. She is also watching you. She likes to see you having fun because, for some reason, it makes her feel good about herself.

10. Investigate Her Fetishes

Many sexually active women have fetishes that they desire their partners to explore in bed. Some people discuss their fetishes. Others, however, do not. But does it really matter? If you’ve been dating a lady for a time, you should try to understand and explore her fetishes.


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