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Under the Sun, There Is an Evil

Under the sun, I see evil.

Politicians serve for a few years and are paid a monthly stipend that exceeds the yearly wage of a government worker. Year after year, these same politicians continue to lie and make anti-people decisions, and yet when election time comes, their party will put their heads together and pull out some beautiful lies (in the name of plans) that they will never get to follow up on, and surprisingly, people will rally around and vote them into office.

What a heinous crime!

Why do we keep bringing back the same people who failed to produce when given the chance? Why should a few politicians continue to deceive the public in order to be elected, only to seem to forget all of the wonderful promises they made throughout the campaign? Why are people so gullible as to vote for politicians that only speak out or stand up for what is right during campaign season?

How tough is it for politicians to make a difference in politics? How many years do politicians need to make a noticeable difference in society? While contemplating all of these issues, I heard a voice say to me, “we are greater than the politicians, and since politics is a game of numbers, we can truly utilize our numbers to keep these dishonest individuals out of power.”

To political minds, this may not seem proper, but I believe it is past time to get rid of politicians who gamble for votes and then appear to forget all they pledged once in government.

I also believe it is past time for us all to awaken from our slumber. Whoever said that politics is a nasty game and that we should leave it to politicians was completely wrong. We all have the freedom to choose who rules us. Let us all get involved by registering to vote and following through on the process. If we all join involved, we will be able to take power away from all of these dishonest politicians.

But if we all remain home and refuse to vote or participate in the democratic process, we will wind up in the hands of politicians who will never honor their promises. Plato once observed, “One of the punishments for declining to participate in politics is that you will end up being controlled by your inferiors.” However, you may find yourself ruled by others who do not share your fundamental understanding of moral ideas and values. When decent people sit back and do nothing, evil triumphs.

Make sure you register…and vote intelligently!

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