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I’ve Transited from Time to Eternity

I affirm that the Lord is directing me through life and leading me in the way of His perfect will for me through His Spirit.

His wisdom motivates me to travel on the paths of victory, joy, wealth, and serenity that He has planned ahead of time for me. I’m the light in this dark world, offering comfort, hope, and blessings. I’ve passed from time to eternity, from agelessness to ever-increasing development.

I have health, joy, peace, success, strength, prosperity, beauty, and eternal life in Christ! He is my heirloom as well as my divine authority and power, where I reign and rule over Satan and his minions. The Lord richly blesses me!

My life is defined by grace; grace heaped atop grace! God has bestowed His generosity on me; grace that provides favor, success, promotion, health, money, and supernatural increase!

I’m leaping over walls because of my confidence in Christ’s finished works; the world is crumbling in front of me; I rule over Satan and the elements of this world.

My life is for the glory of God; His glory in and through me grows as He fulfills His purpose for my life. I am heavenly; I am seated with Christ in authority!

My spirit has been awakened; I comprehend and am aware of my victory in Christ Jesus over Satan and the powers of darkness.

I live to serve the Lord, free from fear of the devil and the depravity of this world! Today, I go out confident that no harm will come to me and that I am safe from wicked and unreasonable folks. God be praised.

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Affirm City
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