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170+ Affirmations To Speak Over Your Boyfriend

As someone who is in a relationship, most especially for females. You need to always say some kind of nice work to your man that will keep the fire in the relationship burning. That is most important.

One thing that women don’t seem to understand in relationships is that they have a huge influence over their boyfriends, most of the time, this influence is based on the kind of things they say to their boyfriends.

That is how influential your words can be to him and you really need to watch what you say to him. Instead of saying a lot of negative things to your boyfriend, why not say positive and say a lot of words of affirmation to your boyfriend that will keep the fire burning and will also keep your relationship going.

Take a look at some of the words of affirmation that you can speak over your boyfriend that will strengthen your relationship with him.

You should say this repeatedly and make sure that you do not just say it once and forget about it. Say it repeatedly and ensure that your boyfriend loves it.

  1. I feel so lucky to have you here standing all day every day by my side
  2. You are the best person I’ve been in a relationship with
  3. If I had the opportunity to choose a partner over again, I will still choose you
  4. You have impacted positively me more than I have impacted you
  5. I value our relationship
  6. You are a great person
  7. Thank you for always being there for me
  8. Thank you for being a great boyfriend
  9. You are the best boyfriend Amy lady can ever have
  10. Each time you listen to me, it makes me love you more
  11. I love when you pay attention to me
  12. I have great respect for you
  13. You mean the whole world to me
  14. You protect me a whole lot
  15. We both are a perfect match
  16. We connect a great deal
  17. I appreciate you for being such an amazing boyfriend
  18. You have been so helpful to me
  19. You make life easy for me
  20. You have an amazing personality
  21. You make me feel like a real woman
  22. I love the way you treat me
  23. I like the fact that you work hard
  24. You simply know the right way to make me smile
  25. I love being around you
  26. You are such a smart man, I love that
  27. I love it when you embrace me
  28. Anytime we are together I don’t always feel like leaving
  29. You know the right ways to make me happy
  30. You have a very good sense of humor
  31. You know how to handle women
  32. Each time we go on a date, I enjoy it
  33. I always feel safe around you
  34. You are a very caring person
  35. Each time you think of me, I do feel it
  36. I trust you so well that I will not anywhere you lead
  37. I have learned a lot from you just being by my side
  38. I’m blessed to have you as a boyfriend
  39. You are free to trust me with your deepest secrets
  40. Just lead the way, I will follow
  41. You have exciting ideas
  42. I love the fact that you are so wide
  43. Each time there is an issue, you are the first person I turn to.
  44. Being with you is a dream come true
  45. You are so handsome
  46. You are charming
  47. You have an amazing smile
  48. Your gaze is breathtaking
  49. I love having you around my house
  50. I love it when we eat together
  51. I enjoy it when you make food for me
  52. I would love to have kids with you
  53. I have become a better person just because I have you around
  54. Our kids would be lucky to have you as a dad
  55.  I have learned so much from you
  56. I trust your judgment and instinct
  57. I want us to grow old together
  58. You are my favorite lover
  59. I love how you scent
  60. Each time you touch me, I feel connected to you.
  61. Each time you kiss me, I feel connected
  62. You are truly caring
  63. I love how much you respect me
  64. You treat women right
  65. I place all my trust in you
  66. Each time I am around you I feel so confident
  67. I am proud to be called your girlfriend
  68. You are really a thoughtful boyfriend
  69. You show so much concern towards my feelings
  70. I am yet to come across anyone like you
  71. I am ready to go through difficult times with you
  72. God wants the best for me, that is why he gave you to me.
  73. You are a man of great integrity
  74. I love the fact that you always stand for the truth and nothing but the truth
  75. You have great integrity
  76. I love how you carry yourself
  77. Your charisma is so enticing
  78. You are really an attractive person
  79. You are a man any woman would love to have
  80. You always stand by your words
  81. You are a man of action
  82. You are so cool, calm, and collected
  83. I will honor you always
  84. Anything you want from me, I will give willingly
  85. I wouldn’t want any other woman to come between us
  86. You have a lot to offer in our relationship
  87. Thank you for always being a faithful boyfriend
  88. Thank you for accepting me as your lover
  89. I like the fact that you trust me to the core
  90. Nothing else seems to work if I don’t get you involved
  91. We both have a lot in common.
  92. God wants both of us to be together as one
  93. I will not allow anything to break our relationship
  94. I forgive you in advance for anything you have done
  95. Do you understand how I feel for you?
  96. To me, you are an answered prayer
  97. I see a bright future with us together
  98. The fact that we both chose each other is Divine
  99. I don’t think we made a mistake choosing each other as partners
  100. I want to be by your side tonight
  101. I love how hard you work  just to provide for us
  102. I am willing to support you in everything you do
  103. When things are going south, I am always there to motivate you to do better
  104. I like the fact that you always want to make sure I am comfortable and happy
  105. Your happiness is my priority
  106. I am interested in how you are doing health-wise
  107. I love it when you do not back down
  108. You are the first man I have seen that listens to all I have to say without losing concentration
  109. I see you as a very good father to our future kids
  110. I like the fact that you share everything you are going through with me
  111. I am glad that you do not hide things from me
  112. I promise to always be very open to you all the time
  113. Anything that I am going through, I will always seek help and support from you.
  114. I love the fact that you do not have anger issues
  115. You take things easy and you do not rush on things too much
  116. No matter what the situation is, you always speak out and I love that
  117. You are very diligent and patient
  118. You are always willing to learn new things, even from me
  119. You pay attention to tiny details, and I love that
  120. I love the fact that you invest a lot in our relationship
  121. You are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that things are going as planned
  122. There is every reason in the world for me to get married to you
  123. You respect my parents a whole lot, and I love that so much.
  124. You never forget my birthday, that is so romantic
  125. You always love to spend quality time with me, this is something I so much love and enjoy.
  126. I can depend so much on you because you are so wise and you know what to advise me on anytime I need one
  127. I love the fact you are not scared of admitting it when you are wrong
  128. You are always willing to take correction
  129. You are really teachable and that is truly amazing.
  130. You have been committed since day one and that is so lovely
  131. Your family accepts me as their daughter and it is really exciting
  132. You are so concerned about my academics
  133. You are such a very humble person
  134.  l love how you are so optimistic about everything and you believe things will turn outright
  135. You will forever become my hero
  136. I love how you show up Swiftly anytime I need your support
  137. You inspire me
  138. You always push me to become a better version of myself each day
  139. I appreciate you always
  140. I appreciate your immense care for me
  141. Thank you so much for being you
  142. I cannot afford to lose you
  143. You are every woman’s dream
  144. Since you came into my life, things have been going smoothly
  145. Each day I spend without you is like I have gone ages without you
  146. I have not seen any woman that would not like a man like you, that is why you are special to me
  147. You are a very special person
  148. I carry you like an egg
  149. Your level of commitment is so kind blowing
  150. I love how you are so meticulous about your health
  151. You have a very good physique
  152. You do not want anyone around you to get hurt, that is why you are a very good protector
  153. Thank you for supporting me in difficult times
  154.  I have everything as long as I’m with you
  155. You make me laugh always
  156. I have improved today because of you
  157.  I am the luckiest person just because I have you
  158. Everyone sees both of us as a perfect match
  159. I bless the day I met you
  160. It would be amazing if I get to live with you
  161. Anybody that sees us together knows that we both are destined for greatness
  162. Each day you become sweeter
  163. If at all we get to quarrel, I will do what it takes to get us back together
  164. You have a very good heart and I love it.
  165. Since I have known you, you have always treated me like a queen
  166. I will treat you like a king
  167. It is very obvious that you come from a very good


Affirmations To Speak Over Your Boyfriend

A lot of men die in silence most times because there are a lot of things that they wished they could hear from the mouths of their girlfriends, but most times they do not.

That is why as a girlfriend you need to affirm your boyfriend with words of affirmation so as to make him feel so good and to even keep the fire of your relationship burning.

Those words of affirmation that you say to your boyfriend go a long way, simply because as a woman, the kind of words you say to your man speaks a lot about you and where your relationship is heading. The more you say positive things, the better for you.

If you are all about negativity, you will see how things will start to go south for both of you in your relationship.

These words of affirmation that I have shared should be used by you to speak over your boyfriend. It will go a long way to help your relationship.

One thing that you should not forget is that you should say these words of affirmation daily and repeatedly only then will you see how it will perform wonders in your relationship and your man will ever love you the most.

It works best when your boyfriend’s love language is words of affirmation.

Affirm City
Affirm City
The power of affirmative words is second to none when it comes to our daily lives. If you are looking for words of affirmation that will help you remain positive even when you are surrounded by so much negativity, then you are welcome to AffirmCity, A Safe Haven where Positivity lives.


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