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50+ Happy New Week Affirmations

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for me to remind myself about the many benefits of having a positive mindset.

Making these affirmations is an easy way to start each week on the right foot, and will help keep you motivated and active in reaching your goals for the future.

There is much to be happy about in life, and we all have reasons to feel optimistic about the future.

The point of this article isn’t to persuade you to stop worrying about the future or start believing in Santa Claus (although those are good reasons).

It’s to encourage you to focus on the things you can control right now – and those things are pretty great.

So smile, make eye contact, and say Hi whenever you pass someone on the street. That will go a long way toward making your week better and more productive.

The goal is to keep you engaged for the next seven days.

Great new week affirmations

Below are some affirmations that will surely keep up the good vibe and will help you achieve a magical week.

1. I am ready for the new week just like I did the last. I looked forward to things that will make me happier and more positive. I was more motivated than ever. I made changes to my own life and felt better about almost everything I encountered last week. I can’t wait for a new one.

2. I had a wonderful and safe happy week and I will always remember there is always time to do something important for myself – set a goal for myself, take vital actions, and finally make that decision.

3. I was motivated last new week because I had something new to look forward to. I am excited about the new opportunities and challenges that await me this week. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t feel some sadness about letdowns. But I am ready for whatever comes next will make rather than break me.

4. I’m excited about the new weeks. It is going to be a busy and exciting one. In the past two weeks, I’ve done a lot of preparations for the journey ahead of me. Preparing my mind for new tasks, having mental images about what to expect throughout the week, and sharing them with people who are important to me.

5. I can easily say that last week was one of the best in my life thus far. I know it can be said that work is the most important thing in life but at the same time, I took care of other things in my life too. For me, this means spending quality time with family, friends, and my favorite things.

6. This is a funny time of year for many people. A time when we either get a sudden push to work harder or relaxed as we wait for the new year. Last week brought a fresh start to many things. Whether it is staying focused on goals or finding ways to stay motivated there was always something I learned from others.

7. People always reminded me of that quote. The quote is: “Life is what you make of it, and if you make your plan to be happy you will do what needs to be done in order to be happy.” So using this quote was an inspiration that made me plan to be happy all through. I will get things done in the safest way possible.

8. A happy new week ahead! I have a lot of exciting things planned for myself. It’s been an exciting last few weeks since I started this journey of self-discovery and it has been jam-packed with activity. I started sending out good vibes a few weeks ago that gave people a taste of what’s coming up. This week I am going to start sending out happier vibes that will keep me motivated on everything I am learning. This is so that I can reach more people with my aura of optimism.

9. The hardest part of being a workaholic isn’t actually working – it’s putting in the hours and the work. Working hard requires a lot of mental preparation – thinking about what to say and how to present me. That is what I learned. There’s also the practical work of doing the things I said I was going to do, whether it’s attending meetings or cleaning up my desk. The most successful people are those who are happy and motivated all the time.

10. I will be motivated this new week because I want to help myself. I don’t care about accolades. I care about results. When I saw something that can be turned around, I stepped up. Nobody should have to go through what I went through just to get a better life for themselves or their families. That’s why I am motivated to work every day to make sure people have what they want. Because I love them.

11. I will be motivated this new week because my belief in myself is what keeps me going, regardless of the obstacles in my way. As the saying goes: “What gets built stays built.” I now take everything with all my might because I will never regret it. I set some goals and I am now achieving them with every step. I look forward to a great week ahead.

12. I am jeered up for this new week because I want to make another huge step in my personal and professional development. In the past few weeks, I’ve taken on some challenging but very important roles. But more it’s much more than that. I’ve been learning and growing as a person, which has been a big part of what makes me feel motivated to keep going when things get hard.

13. I was inspired the entire week to work hard, be productive, and complete any task given to me. Last week I was stressed out because life is always like that. But I kept going and believing in myself.

14. Last week was a blast and this week I hope it is too! I can’t wait to share this newfound energy with everyone and to meet better people and opportunities at the start of next week!

15. It’s been a weird and heavy week but I came out tops. It’s never too early to start thinking about the next week. More importantly, it’s never too early to embrace my happiness and passion! The best way to do that is through action items. Action items allowed me to put things into action no matter how busy I was and it reminded me why I do what I do. I am going to have a happy new week for sure!

16. It is a new week and it is time to start anew. I am energized by the idea of the fresh starts I planned out the previous week. I am now looking forward to some new adventures now.

17. Last week, I tackled new ideas, activities, and relationships. These were going on a romantic trip with my loved ones and going on a cooking adventure with my friends. The possibilities were initially impossible and only limited by my own imagination. Now I know how to tackle that and will never have to feel restricted ever again.

18. The past few weeks were all about new beginnings, awesome challenges. I learned that possibility of failure is all part of life, and so is the power to overcome those obstacles. I kept pushing through the rough patches and there were rewards.

19. I learned new experiences and knowledge that will help me improve myself and my life in far more profound ways than I can imagine right now. This is because I opened my mind to possibilities no matter how they presented themselves.

20. I am going to be motivated this new week because the last one provided me with many opportunities: I grew my skills, increased my output, took on new challenges, and then I worked on personal projects that benefited me greatly. The potential reward for sticking with my newly found motivation through this challenge is huge. The more likely I am now to succeed.

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21. I was positive and motivated all week. It is a new start and this time of year, there are many changes that will be happening in my life. I was always ready to face any obstacles that came my way. I remained fired up and motivated because this vision must be completed.

22. I found a new secret to life and it was staring at me all along. I will no longer be close-minded to my potential and the people around me. No one is more dedicated to achieving success than me, and with the belief and support of loved ones around me, I can achieve it! Can’t wait for Monday!

23. I am excited for this new week and looking forward to getting back to my daily routines and life events. Last week thought me one thing- my vision fuels me. The last few months have been crazy for me as I have managed to accomplish many things that were set aside for me during the year. This new mindset has allowed me to prioritize what matters most in life and work towards becoming the best version of myself.

24. In my journey so far this year, I have learned some important lessons about myself and how I must continue to grow in order to be worthy of other people’s respect and admiration. I am no more limited to one purpose again but to many.

25. I started a new week’s challenge last week. It was simple. I chose some words and phrases that I kept using every day and tried to do something awesome with them. It used something simple like making a YouTube video with “Happy New Week”. I also tried something more advanced like building a business website with “Happy New Week”. Either way – I am going to have fun with it and enjoy every single moment!

26. I was in search of some motivation, new beginnings, and good character. I soon found it. Whatever my reason is for wanting to live a positive life, I always looked forward to working with obstacles. I know it will be an exciting time for me at work and at home. It was important that I created the right environment for my success in the office and at hope. I finally found new ways to support myself.

27. While there is always room for improvement and improvement is always welcomed (at least by me), I believe I had a great opportunity and everything went as smoothly as possible. I look forward to the same this week!

28. I was inspired and motivated all through last week because I faced some new challenges that helped me grow as a person and a working class. Sure, there will be some daily challenges like waking up and putting the kibosh on morning coffee habit (okay, I’ll try not to do that). But there will also be bigger challenges that come up and I have found new and better ways to manage them.

29. “Happy new week” is an incredibly motivational phrase that’s been proven to improve my mood and boost my productivity. I found out that the influence of this saying reaches far beyond just the contents of my notepad. Research has shown it has an immense impact on our mental health, and the happiness it brings can influence how successful we are as individuals and as a society. This is my newfound mentality.

30. I’m looking forward to this new week. Last week, wherever I was, I hoped I was having a great time and I am now looking forward to great things again next week. I know this can be hard as tough times come around, but if I focus on the small things and spend my time in the best way possible, (good eating, sleeping, and reading) there will be nothing but good things to come.

31. For me, “Happy New Week” means spending the day with friends, family, being with family, and doing things I enjoy doing. Health is crucial in maintaining a positive outlook on life and career so I’m working out regularly (not always exercising though). I am now applying this in my life.

32. The best way to start a new week is to set some goals for myself. I learned that if I want to accomplish something, I needed courage. I like the quote by Thomas Edison: “I cannot overcome courageously, I must be persuaded.” I am alert! And, above all, I always remember! Whatever I did, I never forgot to smile and say hi!

33. This is a new week for me and I’m excited for what the future holds. The past few months have been crazy but also a lot of fun. I’ve met some great people and gotten to do some cool things. This week my focus will be on getting better and staying motivated so that next week will be even better. I have a lot on my plate but one thing that I can promise myself is that I will be inspired always and will never look backward!

34. Life can be tough sometimes. The recent death of a loved one can put a lot of stress on one’s mind and body. The death of a loved one can cause a lot of sadness, too. Nothing can take the place of the loved ones lost but I can choose how we react to these events by setting intentions, doing things to help myself in times of need, and to learn from my mistakes. I expect a happy new week!

35. How to stay motivated when I am struggling to find the right words to say to myself on a daily basis or to put things in perspective? I just discovered that was simple. Whether I need to vent about an everyday situation or come up with a new solution to a long-standing problem, I hope to find something every day that can help me bounce back from failure and achieve more success in life.

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36. I was motivated all through the week. Not because of a new job offer (although that definitely cheered me up), but because I have finally decided what to do. I want to go into this new job with the mindset that it will be a challenge, but one that I can conquer. It will be a job where I work alone (for the first time ever!) and there will be moments where I will wonder how on earth I managed to get this job, but overall it will be a great experience that will benefit me greatly.

37. A happy new week is underway! It’s been an intense few weeks for me. Typically, I’m excited for each new week because it means a chance to get back to our regularly scheduled routines. However, the last time has stood out because I actually felt excited for each new day! It seems like I am on a roll! It may be a role that gets me a lot of success… or maybe it’ll just be another week.

38. It’s a happy new week! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about one. That’s because I’ve been really busy working on myself. But the truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about challenges and how to stay motivated throughout the year. When there’s a big project or big change at my job, my whole attitude is bound to changes.

39. I want to start looking forward to everything, rather than been worried or apprehensive. This shift can happen suddenly, or gradually. Regardless of when it happens, it’s awesome to see how quickly moods can change when things aren’t going as planned. Here’s to a prosperous new year!

40. I will start this week with a bang! Yes, you read that right. I did a complete revamp of my schedules. I have wanted to do this for a while now and have finally gotten around to doing it. The old version was horrible and littered with errors and confusing sections. This new version will be much cleaner and better organized. I will also be making changes to my character.

41. Happy new week to me! This week is going to see some big changes with regards to finances and how I operate — both operational and personally. It’s been exciting to see me better sustain my time, energy, and money toward my endeavors — mostly because I’m able to show good results (both tangible and non).

42. I’m excited about this new chapter in my life. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and it’s finally here. After many long months of working on several side projects, I’m finally ready to get back to working on my main goal – building myself. I have a lot of new things planned for this week and can’t wait to achieve them.

43. I will be happy and motivated this new week as I had many new tasks I completed. Some were easy, some required creativity, and some required huge amounts of persistence. But I will not give up until I have finished what I started. This week is going to be an exciting one as I will have to completely overhaul my timetable. I want to thank my patience as I have worked on myself for way too long without giving myself any reasons to give up.

44. I’ve been working hard on this self-awareness for weeks, and even though I am just starting, I know I am making some progress. This is a project I work on and believe in. It takes a lot to motivate oneself, and when it isn’t working, it feels frustrating. But this is what I looked at; failures, shortcomings, slow progress. This isn’t a project I will take with a kid’s gloves. Today if I fail, I fail small. But if I win, I win big.

45. Why do new weeks always bring out the strongest emotions in us? We might not even be sure if the week ahead will be a good or bad one. The first day can be very challenging, so I make sure this is something I really want for myself. This is my new mentality and I love it!

46. How can I build my happiness & motivation? A lot has been said about positive emotions but not as much about how to generate them. Motivation is an extremely tricky thing to manage because it depends so much on what’s going on in my life at the time. At the same time, there’s nothing left to lose by being motivated. So I have learned to be committed to myself over the years and that has helped me.

47. It’s been a while since I’ve had a goal, and I wanted to share something that will help motivate me and give me something to look forward to. To kick things off, I simply remembered my “happiest moment”. It meant a lot to my mental growth and how I view my potential. I will have a fantastic week and will learn loads about myself in general.

48. I am already motivated for the new week. This challenge has been on my mind for a while now and I’ll be honest, it gets me thinking about work in a different way. I wrote about topics that mattered to me, looking at statistics, and thought out loud a lot more than usual (I’m usually so quiet). I’ll be wanting to share some of what I’ve learned with anyone who is willing to listen. Opinions are welcomed as they help me grow as a person.

49. I am excited for the new week and looking forward to working on various things. It is a new week and my goals for the year are to improve my financial situation and health, as well as continue working on my side projects. Financial difficulties are now not something that should stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams anymore. I believed that working towards equality and social change is important work that I should continue to do.

50. Sometimes I become so focused on getting a good job or changing careers that I lose sight of the next step: enjoying my life. Whether it’s working on a new project or just spending time with friends and family, I have discovered that enjoying myself is key to keeping the momentum going in order to kick off my new week. What better way to start than simply knowing this?!

51. It is a new week and it is the perfect time to affirm myself. The week should seesaw between periods of excitement followed by periods of depression. This is natural and normal and should not be discouraged. I now have the power within me to create a better life for myself and others. Each day, it seemed there was a new opportunity, project, or idea that provided me with the stepping stone I need to take my career to the next level. The key was telling myself that I can do it and taking the first step.

52. It’s been a while since I’ve been this inspired. I have been busy with anxiety and pessimism. Now, I’ve been working hard on a lot of personal things. Now that I’ve got a bit more time, I dedicate more of it to doing what’s best for my personal development. This week is one of the mediums I plan to dedicate more time to. So here’s to another great one!

53. I will be happy and motivated this new week like the last. This is because I know several challenges await me. In the past weeks, I’ve been faced with several obstacles, and today, I feel much better about those challenges than before. Many obstacles I encountered in the past, have been overcome with the help of grace and the support of friends. Also, there are people in my life who helped me a lot during this period and I would like to thank them for their support.

54. Persistence pays off. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have. This week, I’m planning on creating a list of everything I’ve ever wanted. It won’t be a long list. (I promise.) This week, instead of focusing on what I’m not getting done, I’ll be focusing on what I’m getting done. This is how I do it now. This is what makes me better.

55. I’m affirming myself for last week! I worked on numerous projects and met some great new people. This is the best time of the year for me to reset my motivation – and I can too! To kick off the new week, I simply will have to do the same. It wasn’t difficult. In fact, it was absolutely inspiring.

56. I know this week will be like the last. I’m looking forward to starting it with a bang! It’ll be a fresh slate with no stress or implausible expectations. I’ve been working on my thoughts for the past few weeks and feel they’re coming along nicely. My goal is to create a steady flow of good vibe that people enjoy seeing each week.

57. I made a promise to myself that I will never back down from challenges because it always drags me back. It worked! Challenges are supposed to be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling one. I have used this thought to open a new page of my life and will now make it a part of me.

Happy New Week Affirmations

58. Nothing is more inspiring than unlocking a potential you never knew was there. I have been discovering more things about myself and I know more a yet to be untapped. I now feel like a free bird that has been caged for so long. I can’t wait for the coming weeks.


How can I stay motivated in a world of distractions and uncertainty? We all have our own ways of staying motivated.

Whatever works for you is good enough for you. Although there may be times when disappointments keep distracting you from doing tasks.

You will find out that turning off your pessimism prevents you from forgetting about important things and making yourself successful in getting things done elsewhere.

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